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Shipping terms

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1) ORC (Origen Recevie Charges) local cost of receiving

(2) THC (Terminal Handling Charges) terminal operation fee

(3) BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) fuel surcharge

(4) CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) devaluation surcharge

(5) YAS (Yard Surcharges) dock surcharge

(6) EPS (Equipment Position Surcharges) equipment location surcharge

(7) DDC (Destination Delivery Charges) port of destination

(8) PSS (Peak Season Sucharges) peak season surcharge

(9) PCS (Port Congestion Surcharge) port congestion surcharge

(10) DOC (DOcument charges) file fee

(11) O/F (Ocean Freight) shipping fee

(12) B/L (Bill of Lading) shipping bill of lading

(13) MB/L (Master Bill of Lading) ship Dongdan (or OCEAN BILL OF LADING)

(14) MTD (Multimodal Transport Document) multimodal transport documents

(15) L/C (Letter of Credit) letter of credit

(16) C/O (Certificate of Origin) certificate of origin

(17) S/C (Sales Confirmation) sales confirmation (Sales Contract) sales contract

(18) S/O (Shipping Order) loading instructions

(19) W/T (Weight Ton) weight tons (that is, charging for goods by weight)

(20) M/T (Measurement Ton) metric tons (that is, charging for goods by size)

(21) W/M (Weight or Measurement ton) is charged by a ton of weight or a size ton.

(22) CY (Container Yard) container yard

(23) FCL (Full Container Load) FCL

(24) LCL (Less than Container Load) cartons (bulk cargo)

(25) CFS (Container Freight Station) container freight station

(26) TEU (Twenty-feet Equivalent Units) 20 ft conversion unit (used to calculate the quantity of containers)

(27) A/W (All Water) all waterways (mainly means of transportation from the West Bank of the United States to the east bank or inland point)

(28) MLB (Mini Land Bridge) small bridge (mainly refers to the west coast of the United States to the coast or inland transit cargo transportation)

(29) NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) NVOCC

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