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Export declaration

To know the flow of goods supply chain based smoothly, depends on a reliable and efficient customs clearance services. Our company has the qualification of declaring import and export goods for customs declaration. As a professional customs broker, we can help our guests in a wide range of fields. We can not only import and export customs clearance services, but also be able to act as an agent for all import and export procedures. We have professional skills for each step, and our professional service can make the guests import and export all the goods smoothly. We have our own customs declaration bank in Yantian and Shekou. We are experienced and dedicated to provide customers with rapid customs and comprehensive service.

Henglong supply chain is one of the earliest professional agent in Shenzhen customs export declaration company, after years of development, with the tacit understanding with the customs, commodity inspection departments, we will let you worry about the customs clearance of goods! Adhere to the principle of honesty, customer interests first, gradually formed the "serious, fast, trustworthy" business management style. Now, in Shenzhen has become one of the most professional and largest agency custom brokers company, involved in the field: furniture, lighting, clothing textiles, handicrafts, hardware, shoe, ceramics, toys, electronic appliances, food, boutique, handbags, plastic products, electronic products, resin crafts, Christmas gifts, iron products etc.. If your groceries (general merchandise, department store), fresh dry, cold storage, dangerous chemicals and ordinary.

Import customs declaration

Import declaration customers can choose to pay agency fees, customs duties and VAT accountable.

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