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Henglong supply chain and domestic container with tons of more than 80 cars, in the Pearl River Delta region, we have advanced network, we are able to provide accurate information for dynamic loading. Whenever you send an instruction, our trailer will appear in any place you wish. We guarantee that the goods are delivered to your customers faithfully during the time you require. No matter when you want to query Trailer information, our GPS positioning system will tell you exactly where you are.

The company is also engaged in Sino Hong Kong transportation. It has 30 container trailers licensed by mainland China and Hongkong, and 3 tons to 15 tons of Hongkong ton cars, which can be exported to 3 ports in Shenzhen. The port transport vehicle has the size of a total of 8 vehicles, on behalf of customers in the harbor and transport bulk cargos and warehousing, warehouse. The company has a large bulk warehouse in Hongkong New Territories and Shenzhen, which can provide professional warehousing and service for customers.

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