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Bonded warehousing

Bonded warehousing comprehensive management system is a special management system for the third party logistics enterprises that provide bonded warehousing services. The system conforms to the national requirements for bonded warehouse management, covering the bonded warehouse daily operation requirements, and has a general interface to other TMS application system, the financial system and the real time enterprise seamless connection, real-time interaction with the departments and external customers, and the group of data, especially to provide to the customs supervision of the customs system requirements the data is suitable for current business model supporting free trade zone.

The bonded logistics policy in the bonded area is a bonded logistics policy in the domestic non bonded area. Except for goods prohibited by the state, the bonded area warehousing enterprises allow the bonded area to store any commodity that is needed in the domestic and foreign market according to the changes of the international and domestic market.

General trade goods, goods prohibited by the state and restrictions on imports cannot be bonded in bonded storage;

The bonded storage goods can be processed commercially, such as packing, labeling, packing, maintenance and so on, and the original place of origin can not be changed.

The bonded goods can not be processed in any kind of processing.

The storage of overseas goods into the bonded area is not regarded as an import, but is exempt from license. The goods transported abroad in the bonded area are not exported. They are exempt from tax and exempt from certificates, and enter and go through customs filing procedures only.

The entry of overseas goods into the bonded warehouse is regarded as an import or tax slow certificate. The goods shipped abroad are deemed to be exported. Tax exemption and exemption and import and export must go through customs import and export procedures.

Domestic enterprises and customs carry out computer networking, goods import and export take EDI electronic customs declaration;

Only a few large enterprises carry out EDI electronic customs declaration.

For the imported goods displayed in the bonded area, the customs is supervised by the bonded goods, and the procedure is simple, that is, it is not necessary to pay the customs mortgage, which is not restricted by the exhibition time, and only needs to be registered at customs.

It is necessary to declare to the Customs on the basis of approval, to handle temporary import procedures, and to pay mortgage payments equivalent to customs duties, and to restrict the re shipment.

Bonded warehouse refers to the specialized storage of bonded goods for customs warehouse approved, with tax policy advantages, there are relatively large differences in the bonded warehouse and general warehouse business model and management requirements, the need for strict accordance with the national bonded warehouse management regulations, and real-time monitoring is carried out under the customs business operation.

Ordinary transfer warehouse

Yantian snake mouth has a general warehouse, providing goods warehousing, import and export cartons, trailers, packaging processing, allocation, delivery and other value-added services.

We have established a perfect warehouse and cargo distribution services system, to provide services for all domestic and foreign goods diversion, coupled with modern warehouse management mode operation, with professional management and operation personnel, to ensure run according to the different needs of individual customers, provide diversified warehousing and cargo distribution services, services include delivery of goods services, unpacking, LCL, inventory management, goods and packaging services, as well as local delivery services such as instant.

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