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Meet the customs check ark need to pay attention to?

Source:http://www.www.hlongcargo.comTime:2018-3-10 21:17:50

Meet the customs check counters is a very depressing thing, check counter slow, it may also affect the schedule, and have some cost, check the machine general speed quickly, not afraid of machine checked, then artificial check. Below share a network to check the cabinet problem in more detail the article and everybody: "how to avoid check the cabinet, cabinet according to my many years of experience in Yantian customs broker"

Touch Shanghai guancha cabinet is no way, because the vast majority of cases are due to the random sampling of the customs, and quickly seized in the dock in the customs, just according to the normal process of sampling, were drawn, there is no way to accept the check, but the check counter is not terrible, the most serious is. A water vessel, although there may be a certain loss, but the loss is not great.

But in the process of customs declaration, there is a situation that people are very reluctant to encounter. That is, people entering the smuggling department, customs broker, freight forwarders or factories who are engaged in shipping work for a long time are very afraid to hear that they are entering the private sector, because once they enter, the consequences are very serious.

The customs broker, as the relationship between itself and the customs and the seriousness of the problem, the customs declaration will be fined 9000-30000 yuan, while the customs declaration should be penalized, the serious problem of Shanghai will blacklist off, after the declaration process will be "extra care", the customs anti smuggling into fear Department of.

For the forwarder, the cabinet into the anti smuggling department means not to release, will certainly have a number of storage cabinets, rent, and other expenses to ship. The fastest release is half a month, and a month's release is normal and normal. Even the cabinet can't be exported anymore, so the loss is heavy. So the freight forwarder is very unwilling to happen.

But for the plant, into the anti smuggling department means to give guests on time delivery, goods will sometimes be confiscated, if the guest and the buyer signed the letter of credit that is not just a reputation, but also involves the problem of breach, the consequences are very serious, even if met.

So whether the factory, or freight forwarding, customs broker, we are not willing to go into the cabinet, anti smuggling, and even can be said to be afraid of in the anti smuggling department, not only time-consuming because nothing, also tend to lose money, or even lose customers, most of the time, but also between several partners therefore accuse each quarrel.

There is no way to avoid it. But entering the smuggling department is basically avoidable. How to avoid this possibility? We need to know its reasons.

First, the weight is not in conformity with the allowable error range.

"Packing list" is an important data that the gross gross weight, is a very important data in the process of customs clearance, some factories in the "packing list" weight is estimated without weighing, and some factories in loading fewer or more. But there is no time to change the "packing list" the data in the lead for weight and actual shipment weight not consistent. When the weight is positive and negative over 500 kilograms, the bell will ring, which means that the cabinet is likely to enter the smuggling department.

Two, the problem of hanging cards

Some factory is responsible for the staff do not know the importance of the brand in the export process, that is the factory label, not what brand, not to fill the "packing list". Sometimes I know it's a famous brand, but I don't have two authorized letters in Chinese and English. One is the authorization letter to the factory, the other is the factory authorized to the customs broker. Also, it is because the goods are busy, the brands are miswritten or the wrong ones are sold. In a word, there is a brand saying there is no brand, no brand is known as a brand.

Three, box number problem

When the customs check the goods, they often don't count how many goods you have in your cabinet, but they will count the number of boxes according to the data on the declaration form. Under normal circumstances, it may be reported less than 1000 cases, but the actual export of 950 boxes is basically no problem, but if we declare 950 cases and 1000 cases actually, there will be a problem, because customs may think they are smuggling.

Four, false false concealed

A lot of factories often produce a few products, may be groceries, a lot of names. The factory that goods is very complex, sometimes lack of statistics, write one or several names, or loading when some had no plans to export the products temporarily added, and did not provide to the broker, resulting in the actual goods and real goods are not the same, this guide to the most anti smuggling Department of the customs is likely to feel even false concealed in false negative, so the problem is very serious.

Five, the gift problem

Sometimes the factory in order to thank or commissioned to send some small gifts for the guests in the cupboard, some samples, but no and brokers say hello, they feel a little gift, should not have what problem, but if luck is not so good, especially if you meet the check counter, is to send brand goods the question may come out.

Six. Reported by people

This is the reason for each of them, and each of them has their own views.

In addition to sixth points, the first five points have a very large relationship with one kind of data, which is the packing list. In the process of operation, we often encounter some factory workers who are not too willing to fill in the packing list in a standard format, or to fill in the packing list.

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