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Towing bracket type type and weight of contrast[ 10-08 15:26 ]
Tow frame type code and self weight comparison tableTrawl code manufacturer model specification weight (KG)A1 TG21 20 feet with new skeleton 4100A2 TG42 two axis 40 feet East four intermediate frame 5...
Shipping terms[ 10-08 15:26 ]
1) ORC (Origen Recevie Charges) local cost of receiving(2) THC (Terminal Handling Charges) terminal operation fee(3) BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) fuel surcharge(4) CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) d...
Meet the customs check ark need to pay attention to?[ 10-08 15:26 ]
Meet the customs check counters is a very depressing thing, check counter slow, it may also affect the schedule, and have some cost, check the machine general speed quickly, not afraid of machine chec...

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